As December arrives, the Dutch Bakery in Victoria experiences a surge in demand for its traditional Dutch delights, marking the holiday season. Michele Byrne, the third-generation co-owner, notes the unmistakable aroma of almond logs, known as Banketstaaf in Dutch, filling the air. These flaky pastries, filled with almond paste and apricot, are a seasonal favorite, baked exclusively during this time of year.


Among the sought-after treats are Speculaas cookies, described as Dutch gingerbread, featuring a delightful blend of spices and baked almond paste. While the bakery specializes in Dutch delicacies, it also offers a diverse selection from around the world. Canadian sugar cookies with fondant and the unique German raisin bread, stollen, are among the global treats available.


The recipes for stollen and almond logs are carefully passed down through generations, contributing to the bakery’s popularity among Victoria’s sizable Dutch population. December proves to be a particularly busy month for the Dutch Bakery, with revenues doubling compared to a regular month.


For Byrne, December is a “make-or-break month,” and despite challenges like snow impacting foot traffic, the bakery remains a festive hub. The community’s support, combined with face-to-face interactions, adds to the bakery’s charm. Byrne values customer relationships and traditions, making the holiday season a special time at the Dutch Bakery.


Source: Victoria News