Northwest of Victoria, in the foothills of Mount Finlayson, is the city of Langford. This is the urban core of the West Shore, with a population of over 29,000 people. Sporting a median income of just over $73k, Langford is a hub for both young and established professionals because of its affordable new homes and business opportunities. To become the commercial center of the West Shore, Langford has attracted many large retail and wholesale stores, industrial companies and small businesses, drawing people to live and work here, thus making Langford the fastest growing municipality in the CRD. Langford’s 41.46 square kilometers contains 3 lakes, Goldstream Provincial Park, and the majority of Thetis Lake, Mount Wells and Mill Hill Regional Parks, for those who love to explore nature. There are plenty of shopping opportunities available, as well as sports fields, an extensive bike trail system, and a number of recreation centers and family attractions (like the All Fun Recreation Park and Langford Lanes).

Langford Sub-Area Attraction Pages:

Western Speedway

Western Speedway

Western Speedway is a popular attraction located in the All Fun Recreational Park, which offers a variety of entertainment options such as go-karting, batting cages, mini-golf, and an RV park. This speedway is perfect for families with children who enjoy racing cars, monster trucks, and demolition derbies.

Highlights of Western Speedway

  • Stock car racing
  • Sprint car racing
  • Monster Truck rallies
  • Demolition derbies
  • Parties available
  • Full concession
  • Summer Sunday swap ‘n’ shop
  • Private bookings available
  • Car and monster truck rides available

Western Speedway is an action-packed experience with a fast-paced environment where there is never a dull moment. Regular race days and special events like monster truck rallies and demolition derbies are held here often. The seating and facilities are kept clean, which can be rare in this type of attraction. With angled seating, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the race track and the motocross track beyond it, allowing you the best opportunity to enjoy the show you paid for.

Get the Most out of Western Speedway

  • Avoid bringing infants and people with sensory input problems due to the loud noise and excited crowd.
  • Bring earplugs or noise-reducing headphones for everyone in your family to manage the noise levels effectively.
  • Food, such as pizza, burgers, hotdogs, non-alcoholic drinks, and candy can be bought at the concession under the grandstand, and isn’t all that expensive.
  • Do not bring your snacks and drinks to the racetrack as it is not allowed, but you can get in and out of the racetrack repeatedly with the stamp on your hand.

In conclusion, a trip to the Western Speedway is an inexpensive, fun, and memorable experience for the entire family. Book your tickets now and enjoy the attractions of All Fun Recreational Park.

Olympic View Golf Course

Olympic View Golf Course

The Victoria area boasts of Canada’s mildest winters, with no snow at all. This means that golf enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite game all year round in one of Canada’s most picturesque cities. Olympic View Golf Club, which ranks among the top 50 golf courses in Canada, offers a beautiful location for playing golf. The course offers a breathtaking view of Washington State’s Olympic Mountains from many points along the fairway, making it an enjoyable pastime for visitors. 

The lush forest surrounding Olympic View Golf Club is home to twelve lakes, adding a challenging water element to the game. The course also features two gorgeous flowing waterfalls and an abundance of native wildlife, making it a tranquil environment. The 17th hole on the course is the most stunning hole, with a breathtaking 40-foot waterfall only 455 yards away from the green. Tiger Woods chose this course as the first course he played in B.C, in 1994, as an amateur.

After your game, visit Forester’s Restaurant to enjoy a meal. The bar offers excellent pub fare, while the proper dining area offers more upscale options, all made from locally sourced ingredients. The prices are reasonable, at $13 to $30 for decent-sized portions, and the quality of food is top-notch. In the warmer months, enjoy your meal or drinks with friends on Forester’s patio, which offers incredible views of the surrounding Olympic View Golf Club. 

Whether you come to Olympic View Golf Club to play a round, learn golf, or enjoy a meal, a visit to this golf club is worth spending a few hours.

Langford Lanes

Langford Lanes

Langford Lanes Ten Pin bowling is making a comeback in the West Shore with the opening of Langford Lanes. Situated in the middle of City Centre Park, Langford Lanes is the perfect spot for bowling enthusiasts in the Capital Regional District. The facility offers 20 lanes of ten pin bowling, a fully licensed restaurant, banquet facilities, video arcade, snack bar and a VIP bowling area for meetings and special events.

Langford Lanes boasts 14 lanes with state-of-the-art scoring equipment, high definition LCD screens, the latest in sound, glow-in-the-dark bowling and light shows. The private 6 lane VIP Room is elegantly furnished with comfy couches, modern decor and bright contemporary lighting. Right next door is a full service restaurant, the Galloping Goose Grille, where you can enjoy mouth-watering food while watching your favourite sporting event on the big screen.

Whether it be a corporate meeting, a birthday party, a team building event or just an excuse to have fun – Langford Lanes is fast becoming the favourite venue for the entire community. The facility is open to the public daily and welcomes bowlers of all ages as well as league players. Additionally, Langford Lanes offers Cosmic bowling on Friday to Sunday evenings, where they add lights and music to the fun!

For contact information, hours of operation, and reservations, visit the Langford Lanes website or call them directly at 250-391-1738. You may also contact them by email at [email protected]. Don’t miss the chance to visit Victoria’s only 10-pin Bowling Alley.

Goldstream Park

The Greater Victoria Area has a lot to offer for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking, camping, boating, cycling, and observing nature’s great events are just some of the exciting activities available. One of those events is the salmon run, an annual migration of salmon from the ocean upriver to spawn and create the next generation of salmon. This event is crucial for the local salmon population and provides us humans with quite a spectacle.

While there are several spawning rivers and creeks in the Victoria area, one of the best places to watch the salmon run is Goldstream Provincial Park. Here, you get a triple threat experience: the salmon run, the pleasure of spending time in a majestic old-growth forest, and the variety of other wildlife that the salmon ultimately attract.

Highlights of Goldstream Provincial Park

  • Old growth forest
  • Hiking trails
  • Camping sites
  • Salmon run observation spots
  • Wildlife watching
  • Picnicking/Barbecuing areas
  • Minutes from Victoria and Mill Bay
  • Public restrooms
  • Nature house and lookout

Goldstream Provincial Park is divided into several areas. The day area of the park, on the right side of the Trans-Canada Highway, shortly before it becomes the Malahat Drive, is the best place to see the salmon run. Here, you’ll find a public picnicking area equipped with charcoal-burning barbecues, a number of tables (including some in a covered area), public restrooms, accessible trails, and a nature house and lookout at the end of a short trail. Some of the trails overlook the Goldstream River, where you can watch the salmon. The spawning season is between mid-October and early December, with the best time being the first week of November. During this time, thousands of chum salmon pack the shallow Goldstream River, turning the otherwise calm waters into what looks like bubbling rapids.

The Wildlife at Goldstream Provincial Park

Apart from the awe-inspiring salmon run, the park also attracts other wildlife such as eagles, turkey vultures, ospreys, and black bears. The river empties out into a body of saltwater, making it a perfect habitat for eagles. During the spawning season, the park becomes a feeding ground for these majestic birds and other predatory birds. While black bears usually avoid crowds, you can still spot them around the park during the salmon run. If you come to Goldstream Provincial Park to watch the salmon run, don’t forget to bring your camera. You’ll get some great photo opportunities with the salmon and a chance to capture the other exciting wildlife in the park.

All Fun Go Carts


All Fun Go Carts

One of the most popular family fun attractions in Langford is All Fun Go Karts.

Go Karts

Think you have what it takes? Bring out your friends and show your inner Andretti on All Fun’s Go Kart Raceway. Our 1,400 ft. road course features safety guards, an over and under bridge and enough curves to challenge any driver’s skill. For the novice driver we offer a smaller oval track and double Go Karts for Mom or Dad to share the ride with you.

  • Large track, 6 minutes – $13.00; Second ride, 6 minutes – $11.00
  • Small track, 6 minutes – $10.00 or 10 minutes – $13.00
  • Punch Cards – $200.00 for 20 rides

Discounts available for groups of 10 or more. Please visit our Group Discount page and don’t forget to call ahead to arrange, 250-474-1961.

Please Note: No flip flops or open toed shoes

Mini Golf

Battle to keep out of the rough and water traps while you enjoy the challenge of putting Around the World in 18 Holes. Test your short game skills while putting for glory through the Panama Canal or under the Matterhorn.

Attempt a hole-in-one under the famous Eiffel Tower. Put your game face on and challenge friends and family to a round on this awesome course!

Attention Mini Golfers!

The water course upgrades are now complete! Come on out and play a round of mini golf accompanied by the cooling sounds of water flowing through our beautiful new stream.

Discounts available for groups of 10 or more. Please call ahead to arrange, 250-474-1961.

Karts, Cages & Clubs

  • March 12th-27th for Spring Break 11am-5pm
  • April 2 – June 19th Weekends and Stat holidays 11am-5pm
  • June 24th – September 5th 11am-6pm
  • September 10th-October 30th 12-5pm

Batting Cages

When was the last time you swung a bat? Neighborhood softball game? Company picnic? Or hitting that homer to win the championship? No matter your hitting history All Fun offers 8 batting cages featuring softball and baseball at 40, 60 & 75 mph. From fun to fierce, All Fun Cages deliver!


  • 25 balls – $4.00; 50 balls – $6.00;
  • 100 balls – $10.00;
  • Punch Card – 500 balls – $40.00
  • Punch Card – 500 balls – $30.00 for registered members of a team

Discounts available for groups of 10 or more. Please call ahead to arrange, 250-474-1961.

  • March 12th-27th for Spring Break 11am-5pm
  • April 2 – June 19th Weekends and Stat holidays 11am-5pm
  • June 24th – September 5th 11am-6pm
  • September 10th-October 30th 12-5pm

RV Park

Open year round the All Fun RV Park offers full & partially serviced sites including tent sites.

  • Free High Speed WiFi
  • Coin-Op laundry and showers
  • Firewood, ice & more

Centrally located, All Fun RV Park is located directly adjacent to Western Speedway and close to golf courses, beaches, heritage sites and shopping.

RV Park Pricing 

  • Sani-Station: $10.00
  • High Season Rates: April 1st – Oct. 1st
  • Full-Service hookup (30 amp) $36.00+GST = $37.80
  • Partial Hookup (15 amp power/water) $31.00+GST=$32.55
  • Unserviced Site $26.00+GST=$27.30

Low Season Rates: April 1st – Oct. 1st 

  • Full-Service hookup (30 amp) $31.00+GST = $32.55
  • Partial Hookup (15 amp power/water) $27.00+GST=$28.35
  • Unserviced Site $25.00+GST=$26.25

All rates are per night per site and based on 4 person family occupancy.

Additional $2.00 per person per night.

Discounted rates for stays over 1 week

Contact us at 250-474-4546

Cineplex Odeon

Cineplex Odeon

There’s no denying that watching a new movie on the big screen is an experience like no other. The dimly lit auditorium, comfortable seating, and surround sound system create an immersive atmosphere that simply can’t be matched by watching a movie at home. Even if you can eventually watch the same movie on your TV, the best way to see it for the first time is still at the cinema. With oversized screens, top-notch sound systems, and food options that you won’t find at home, going to the movies offers an unparalleled viewing experience. Moreover, some movies are just meant to be seen on the big screen, in all their grandeur. So, next time you want to see a new movie, head to your nearest theatre and enjoy the full cinematic experience.

Highlights of the Cineplex Odeon Westshore

  • 4 3D screens
  • 1 UltraAVX screen
  • 7 standard screens
  • IMAX capability
  • Stars and Strollers viewing times
  • Sensory friendly viewing times
  • 2 party rooms
  • Scotiabank ATM onsite
  • A wide variety of popular food brands
  • Fully accessibility available, including wheelchair accessibility, described video, assistive listening devices, and CaptiView captioning on request

The Westshore area’s only movie theatre is the Cineplex Odeon in Langford. Located in the heart of the Westshore’s largest retail complex, the cinema attracts a steady stream of moviegoers. The theatre is generally well-maintained, with no sticky carpeting that’s often the bane of movie lovers. The staff is friendly and efficient, ensuring that any potential lineups are managed promptly. General admission starts at $11.99, while children aged 3 to 13 pay $8.99, and seniors pay $9.50, making it one of the more affordable cinemas around. While concessions can be slightly overpriced, the wide variety of snacks and meals more than makes up for it. The Cineplex features well-known food brands like Tim Horton’s, Pizza Pizza, Mini Melts, and much more. In addition, moviegoers can bring in a complete meal, rather than just snacks.

It’s comforting to know that individuals living in Langford or nearby communities don’t have to travel to Victoria to watch a movie. The Cineplex Odeon in Westshore is conveniently located, with ample parking, and easily accessible by public transportation.

Bear Mountain Golf Resort

Bear Mountain Golf Resort

When people think of resorts, they usually imagine a place on the outskirts of a city, or in the countryside— a place that is self-contained, and gives the impression of being removed from civilization. Bear Mountain Golf Resort is unique in that it somehow manages to feel separate from the outside while being situated within an urban environment. Although it is self-contained, with entertainment, restaurants, various services, and even its own village, Bear Mountain also draws upon the surrounding area to provide additional attractions for its residents and visitors.

Highlights of Bear Mountain Golf Resort

  • Two 18-hole golf courses
  • Short-term and long-term stays possible
  • Bear Mountain Bike Park
  • Access to North Langford Recreation Center
  • On-site spa, restaurants, and market
  • Close to shopping, hiking, and family entertainment

Recently named as the host of the 2016 Pacific Links Championship, Bear Mountain Golf Resort is most famous for golf. With 2 distinct Nicklaus Design golf courses, the Mountain Course and the Valley Course, there are a total of 36 holes to challenge any level of experience. The Mountain Course is set in the foothills of beautiful Mount Finlayson, offering stunning vistas to enjoy while you play a round with your friends. The Valley Course winds its way through forests, around lakes, and over creeks, offering those playing this course a taste of the kind of landscape southern Vancouver Island is known for. This option, with its elevated tee boxes and wider fairways, is definitely the easier of the two, making it more suitable for those just getting into the sport.

Family Fun at Bear Mountain Golf Resort

If golf is not your thing, Bear Mountain still has plenty to offer for those who prefer to stay off the fairways. For mountain biking enthusiasts, there is the brand new Bear Mountain Bike Park, which is home to Canada’s National Mountain Bike Team. The Bike Park is designed to accommodate beginners to competitors, and features a dirt jumping area and 3 different trails that range from family-friendly to intermediate.

At Bear Mountain, you will also have access to North Langford Recreation Centre, which offers various fitness classes, a hot tub and heated outdoor pool for year-round enjoyment, and ladies-only and co-ed gyms. Drop-in rates make this a great fitness option for those who are only staying at the resort for a short while. Monthly memberships can also be purchased. If you wish to top off your workout with a little relaxing self-indulgence, a few hours at the spa may be just what the doctor ordered.

For those traveling with children, Bear Mountain is family-friendly. Your kids can choose to join you on the fairways or at the bike park, or there are plenty of nearby activities that the whole family can enjoy, such as hiking, shopping, a day at the beach, bowling, or a visit to All Fun (which includes the Western Speedway, go-karting, mini-golf, and batting cages). Although golf is what Bear Mountain Golf Resort is most known for, visitors are definitely not limited to that when it comes to enjoying their stay. 

Plan your next vacation at Bear Mountain Golf Resort and experience the perfect combination of luxury, adventure, and relaxation.