Cobble Hill is a beautiful village located in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. It is a largely agricultural land that has gained popularity for its picturesque Cobble Hill Mountain, which gave the village its name. The village boasts numerous hiking trails and parks, including the Quarry Regional Wilderness Park, known for its appearance in the movie based on the Louisa May Alcott novel Little Women, and Cherry Point Nature Observation Park, making it an ideal location for family bonding and outdoor exploration.

Cobble Hill offers a diverse landscape, including freshwater lakes, saltwater beaches, and forest and farmland, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. The village also has a vibrant arts community with several galleries showcasing local painters, sculptors, potters, and totem pole carvers.

The village has recently gained recognition for its vineyards that produce quality wines and cider, making it a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts. With its relaxed country atmosphere, reasonable real estate prices, and ideal location, Cobble Hill is perfect for those looking to escape the city for good or as an ideal retreat for summer vacation.

Cobble Hill Sub-Area Attraction Pages:

Merridale Cider

The Vancouver Island community values locally-sourced, sustainable produce and beverages, making Merridale Estates Cidery a popular choice for visitors. This cidery specializes in crafting high-quality ciders and spirits, offering a unique experience to visitors.

Highlights of Merridale Cider

  • Bistro
  • Farm store
  • Special events venue
  • Self-guided tours
  • Distinctive ciders and spirits
  • Yurts available for a unique getaway

When you arrive at Merridale Estates Cidery, you’ll be greeted by a welcoming water tank with their logo and the word “welcome” on it, guiding you towards the big barns. But what’s waiting for you beyond that is like something straight out of a fairytale – a vast field filled with seemingly endless apple trees, with the tantalizing scent of ripe red apples wafting through the air in the fall and the sweet fragrance of blossoms in the spring. It’s an orchard experience like no other, where photo opportunities abound.

But that’s not all. Inside the main building, you’ll discover a bistro serving up local favorites, from simple comfort food like pizza to tasty delights like roasted salmon. And you won’t want to miss the chance to sample Merridale’s famous ciders, ranging from dry with a slightly earthy taste to sweet and fruity dessert ciders that have been likened to a good port wine. Plus, they also craft several other noteworthy spirits, including Apple Oh de Vie, Copper Gin, Vodka, Cowichan Gin, Brandy, and Stair’s Pear Brandy.

Tasting at Merridale Cider

If you’re curious about the cider-making process, you can take a self-guided tour of the facility and see the equipment up close. With plenty of interesting information provided about the apples, the process of making cider, and the equipment itself, you’re sure to come away having learned something new. And throughout your visit, you’ll be treated to friendly, knowledgeable service from the staff at Merridale Estates Cidery.

So whether you’re coming for the cider, the food, or the agro-tourism experience, Merridale Estates Cidery is definitely worth the trip. And don’t forget to arrive early to get a table overlooking the beautiful orchard!

Damali Lavender & Winery

Damali Lavender & Winery

 Damali Lavender and Winery is a must-visit lavender farm that invites you to “indulge your senses…savour the lifestyle”. It is a perfect place to unwind and relax while strolling through the farm and breathing in the soothing scent of lavender. The friendly and knowledgeable staff, delicious treats, and various activities make it an unforgettable experience.

Highlights of Damali Lavender and Winery

  • Individual or group tours
  • Licensed picnic area
  • Charming Bed and Breakfast
  • Wine tastings
  • On-site shop
  • Open from 11am to 4pm daily

Located on 13 acres of the lush Cowichan Valley, Damali is the realization of a dream. The owners, Dave and Marsha Stanley, were inspired by the lavender farms they saw on a road trip through Washington State. They made a 3-year plan to start their own lavender farm in their childhood hometown, and in 2004, they stumbled upon 13 acres of sheep pastures that were ideal for their dream. The area was already popular because of the Arbutus Ridge Golf Course and notable vineyards. It was a sure thing that a lavender farm would be a popular addition to the mix.

Creating Damali Lavender and Winery

Located in the picturesque town of Woolwich, Maine, Damali Lavender and Winery is a must-visit destination for those seeking a break from the hectic city life. Originally a lavender farm, Damali has now expanded to include a vineyard, orchards, a French-inspired bed and breakfast, a gift shop, a wood-working shop, a labyrinth, a picnic area and many more attractions. The name “Damali” is a combination of the first two letters of each of the owner’s names, and fittingly means “beautiful vision” in Arabic.

Today, Damali Lavender and Winery continues to attract both locals and tourists alike, with many returning visitors who can’t get enough of its charm. With its stunning natural surroundings, excellent wine, delicious food and cozy accommodation, Damali is the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate. So, why not add Damali Lavender and Winery to your bucket list and experience the beauty and serenity of this one-of-a-kind destination?

Cherry Point Estates Vineyard

Cherry Point Estates Vineyard

Cobble Hill, located in the Cowichan area, is a key agricultural region of Vancouver Island, known for its extended growing season and mild winters. This region’s favorable growing conditions allow local farms to produce a diverse range of crops, including hay, fruits, and vegetables. Since the last two decades, the area has also started producing wine grapes, making it British Columbia’s newest wine-producing region. Several vineyards in the Cowichan area are demonstrating their ability to measure up to the vintners of the Okanagan. If you’re looking for top-quality wine, you might want to explore the Cowichan area and check out some of the excellent wines produced by local wineries.

Highlights of Cherry Point Estates

  • Award-winning wines
  • Charming bistro
  • Wine tastings
  • Vineyard and winery tours
  • Gorgeous special events venue

Cherry Point Estates was one of the pioneering licensed wineries on Vancouver Island, obtaining its license in 1994. This winery’s success story has made it one of the most promising wineries to keep an eye on. The vineyard at Cherry Point was initially planted in 1990, spanning over 34 acres of land located just south of Cowichan Bay. As wine-grape cultivation was quite new to the region at the time, the ideal grape varietals that would thrive in the island’s climate and terrain were still unknown. To discover the best matches for their area, the proprietors of Cherry Point planted several different types of wine grapes.

Cherry Point Estates Today

Cherry Point Estates is home to the second largest vineyard on Vancouver Island. With a focus on producing award-winning wines, the vineyard has successfully cultivated grape varieties that are well-suited to the area’s climate, including Castel, Ortega, Epicure, Pinot Gris, and several others. The team at Cherry Point Estates prioritizes minimal interference with nature to ensure the quality of their wines. During the peak season in October, the grapes are hand-picked and gently pressed using state-of-the-art equipment and locally-sourced ingredients to produce their popular Solara dessert wine made with blackberries.

In addition to its exceptional wines, Cherry Point Estates is also home to the Cherry Point Bistro, which offers a range of local fare, including seafood sourced from the coast of British Columbia. The bistro provides an enchanting environment with top-notch service and a selection of wines and spirits produced at the vineyard, perfectly complementing the food. Despite its reputation for international cuisine, the bistro largely serves local fare. With reasonable prices for both food and drinks, many loyal visitors return to the bistro and estates.

A visit to Cherry Point Estates provides an unforgettable experience with its charming bistro, pleasant atmosphere, and passionate staff. The owners and staff clearly love what they do, and it shows in their exceptional wines, food, and overall experience. Whether you’re touring the winery, enjoying a wine tasting, or dining at the bistro, you’re sure to be impressed by the in-depth knowledge and dedication of the Cherry Point Estates team.

Arbutus Ridge Golf Course

Arbutus Ridge Golf Club, located in the picturesque coastal township of Cobble Hill, British Columbia, has earned several accolades for its stunning course. Golf Digest has awarded it a four-star rating, while Golf Nerve Magazine’s readers voted it the Best Destination Golf Course in the province. Situated a short distance from several of the island’s top wineries and only a few minutes’ drive from Duncan, Arbutus Ridge is part of the prestigious Vancouver Island Golf Trail. The trail features other notable courses such as the Olympic View Golf Course in Victoria, the Cowichan Golf Course in Cowichan, the Fairwinds Golf Course in the Parksville/Qualicum Beach area, and the Storey Creek Golf Course in the Courtenay/Campbell River area, among others.

Highlights of Arbutus Ridge Golf Club

  • Semi-private club
  • Challenging 18-hole course
  • Equipment rentals and sales
  • Lessons and video analysis
  • On-site CPGA golf pro for consultation
  • On-site restaurant
  • Special events venue

Arbutus Ridge Golf Club has been highly acclaimed by various publications including Golf Digest and Golf Nerve Magazine. The golf club has also been recognized as one of the top 18 holes in Vancouver Island by Pacific Golf. Further, it is certified by Audubon International’s Canadian golf course certification program which aims to promote environmental sustainability. The course is known for its unique layout, offering both challenging and easier holes. The front nine runs alongside the township of Cobble Hill, while the back nine offers an impressive view of Satellite Channel. Notably, the 17th hole is an island green that challenges even the most seasoned golfer with a 214-yard par 3. Overall, Arbutus Ridge Golf Club is a must-visit for golf enthusiasts who seek a challenging yet fun game.

Dining at the Arbutus Ridge Golf Club

If you’ve just had an exciting game of golf, it’s natural to feel tired and hungry. The Satellite Bar and Grille, located at the Arbutus Ridge Golf Club, is the perfect place for you to refuel and relax. With a fantastic patio overlooking the 18th hole and an upscale dining room, this restaurant offers a serene and pleasant atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal. The clubhouse is entirely fronted with glass, providing diners with breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains that Cobble Hill is famous for.

But Arbutus Ridge Golf Club is more than just a place to play golf and dine. It’s a complete golfing experience, catering to both experienced players and beginners. Whether you’re looking for a game, a lesson, or just a quick escape from your daily routine, Arbutus Ridge Golf Club has everything you need. You can play a few holes, get help with your game, relax and have some fun with your friends and loved ones, and take a few moments to genuinely unwind and be taken care of.

The staff at the Satellite Bar and Grille and throughout the Arbutus Ridge Golf Club are friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their guests’ needs are met. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable golfing experience coupled with delicious food and stunning views, head to Arbutus Ridge Golf Club and the Satellite Bar and Grille.

Alpine Stables

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Imagine arriving at Alpine Stables, located at 3700 Holland Avenue, Cobble Hill. As you pull up, you’re greeted by stunning open fields surrounded by white painted fencing, and bordered by the lush forests that British Columbia is renowned for. In addition to the main building, there are several large, low buildings that house rows of stables. You may catch a glimpse of some of the horses owned by the stables, and perhaps one in particular catches your attention. Maybe it’s a beautiful white horse or a horse with a rich brown coat that reminds you of your childhood dreams.

As you walk towards the main building, your instructor greets you with a warm welcome and a broad smile. You introduce yourself, and they immediately recognize you from the phone conversation you had a few days ago. You share a laugh over the old joke about seeing a man about a horse before discussing the specifics of your lessons. You also inquire about the horse that caught your eye in the stables, and your instructor smiles knowingly before telling you more about it. At Alpine Stables, love at first sight is not uncommon.

Highlights of Alpine Stables

  • Trail rides
  • Riding camps
  • Riding lessons
  • Birthday parties
  • Scenic location
  • Can accommodate any level of experience

Picture this – you approach a majestic horse, led out of its stable and tied to a post nearby. As you reach out your hand, the horse sniffs it, allowing you to run your fingers along its soft coat. You whisper sweet nothings into its ear as you stand there, lost in the moment. For that brief period, nothing else in the world seems to matter – all your worries and stresses fade away, leaving only you and your equine companion.

Making Friends at Alpine Stables

As you embark on your first horse riding lesson, you’ll learn how to take care of your new companion. From mastering the use of a tail comb to understanding the importance of regularly picking out hooves, your instructor will patiently guide you through every step. You’ll discover your horse’s favourite scratching spots and learn how a good currying can be a heavenly experience for both of you. 

During your first lesson, you’ll also learn how to saddle your horse, enjoying the pleasant musky smell of leather and the relaxing experience it brings. Thanks to your instructor’s approachable and knowledgeable teaching style, you’ll soon feel like a seasoned rider, born to be on the back of a horse. 

As your lessons progress, you’ll build up a close friendship with both your instructor and your horse. For the duration of your time at Alpine Stables, this will be your horse, and you will be its rider.