In 2019. Maclean’s Magazine voted Oak Bay as the Island’s number one place to live and third best in British Columbia. It is an affluent area with magnificent homes, seafront panoramas, and healthy living. Gorgeous homes are a short walk to beautiful beaches. Everything you could want to enjoy life is here.

Lying east of Victoria Downtown, this beautiful neighbourhood greets people as the walk down Oak Bay Avenue. Speciality shops, gourmet food places, and boutiques abound. The meticulously decorated downtown turns into a wonderland of Christmas lights along the avenue during the winter season.

Kitty Inlet natural waterfront park is a great place to view marine life and water vessels. Admire the Olympic Mountains and Trial Island from the comfort of permanent wooden chairs. Outdoor painted pianos speckle the coast, parks, and Oak Bay Village. The ‘ArtsAlive’ outdoor public art program features a work of art from across Canada around every other corner – each with its own story!

Eating out is an enjoyable experience in Oak Bay. Have coffee or wine on the patio of the Windsor Café. With a world class reputation, the Marina Restaurant never disappoints with bounty from the sea cooked to perfection. Enjoy an all-day breakfast menu at The Village Restaurant. If you’re looking for excellent fare and drink in Olde English pub charm, try the always popular Penny Farthing.

Oak Bay village is well known for its high-end bookstores. Ivy’s bookshop always has the latest bestsellers and they will do special orders. Many recreation centres offer fitness classes, such as Oak Bay Recreation Centre, compete with a pool and water slide, and ‘Fit for Life’ Fitness Studio for older adults. The Monterey Centre has amazing educational programs, art programs, and classes for seniors and activities for children.

Oak Bay is an Eden-by-the-sea.

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