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JBI Pub – Victoria

JBI Pub – Victoria

JBI Pub – Victoria

A local pub at the james Bay Inn – Share Pub classics appetizers

Address: 270 Government St, Victoria BC, Canada, V8V 2L2

Phone: (250)384-7151   Email:


Share Pub classics appetizers

Stuffed Mushroom Caps, fresh herbs, melted cheeses Baby shrimps, seasonings and Garlic toasts.

Chicken wings. Quesadillas. Nachos, guacamole, spiced beef. Dry garlic Pork ribs. Deep fry Calamari.

Crab Cakes or the Chef’s signature dish: Seafood Melt shrimps & cream cheese baked on French bread, crab cakes, lemon Aioli.

The Chef’s creative Soups…. Created daily

And if you don’t care for soups, you will not resist the taste of Seafood chowder, thick and creamy with clams, salmon Halibut, Shrimps, baby scallops, potatoes & veggies… OR ELSE … the west coast Seafood Stew with Halibut, Salmon, Tiger Prawns and scallops with fennel and daily fresh veggies.

Check our our three course meal for just $20 – menu changes every two weeks.


A local pub at the james Bay Inn