Esquimalt is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island and surrounded by a marine environment, including the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Esquimalt Harbour, and the Gorge inlet.

The native inhabitants called this “Es-whoy-malth” which means “the place of shoaling waters”. Esquimalt Harbour became the west coast base for the British Royal Navy in 1837. Today, Canada’s Pacific Naval Fleet calls CFB Esquimalt home as do over 4000 military service personnel and 2000 civilians who work onboard ships or at the base.

Over the past decade, the township of Esquimalt has invested a great deal of planning, money, and love into developing their community. Today, families thrive here amongst over 30 parks, the Archie Browning Sports Centre and Esquimalt Recreation Centre with an excellent wellness, aquatic and recreational programs such as a Teen & Youth Centre. More amenities include a state-of-the-art recreation center and library, and a wide variety of restaurants and shopping amenities.

A little know GEM is the Gorge Park Pavilion. This beautiful park on the edge of the Gorge waterway has a Japanese garden and a recently constructed beautiful, modern, 6000 square foot pavilion.

Victoria West and the Songhees has been growing quickly, especially along the waterfront. The area features modern harbour-front condominiums, Railyards and Dockside Green. The waterline is an excellent place to walk and jog. You can start from the West Bay Marina and keep going all the way to Victoria’s bustling inner harbour.

Esquimalt embodies the live, work, play lifestyle.

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